Fanny Čičiko
Fanny Čičiko [čínský chocholatý pes]

About Fanny

Name: Fanny Čičiko
Breed: Chinese Crested Dog
Sex: female dog
Variety: Powderpuff
Colour: black, white marks
Day of Birth: 5.3.2005

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Fanny is joyful and playful dog. She isn´t affraid of guarding our garden, even doing agility. Once we tryied coursing and Fanny was delighted. But we don´t know, when we will try it again. There aren´t many competitions near our home. But we train agility very hard, because we got to SA2.

We are taking part in:
30.6.2007 - Louny (SA2)
28.7.-5.8.2007 - Summer camp
11.8.-19.8.2007 - Summer camp
31.8.-2.9.2007 - Noční hrátky (SA2)
28.9.2007 - Kyje (SA2)
28.10.2007 - Kyje (SA2)

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