Fanny Čičiko
Fanny Čičiko [čínský chocholatý pes]

Fanny and agility

8.5.2007 - Competition in Česká Lípa

Is was raining, but Fanny ran very nice. In jumping we were 8., in trial 5. and in open 15.

All parcours - zip

1.4.2007 - Unofficial competition in Chlumec

We organized nice competition for great people. Thank you for coming a helping with great atmosphere! In september (8.9.2007) we organize official competition - proposition and info is on website:

Fanny´s run

25.3.2007 - Competition in Praha - Kyje

First time in SA2 on the grass. Fanny was excited a her run very fast. We did SA2 on excellent, but we were 8. from 22 dogs. It was our best race (ande the fastest) ever, I think. In trial jumping, I did bad beginning, and we were bad. Authors of pictures: Monika Bejčková and Jana Křečková. Thank you!

Trial SA2

17.-18.2.2007 - Competiton in Kladno

It was our first time in SA2. Fanny didn´t ran so fast, so it was luck when we sometimes reach the maximal time at least:-))I hope, that video will be here soon-)

Pictures of all parcours

6.-7.1.2007 - Competition in Louny

On saturday we did the third trial SA1, and we were 5. from 13 teams. On sunday we did trial, too and we were 1. of the 9 teams!!!!

16.12.2006 - Unofficial competition in Mariánské Lázně

We ran one jumping - with one mistake 2nd place (from 5 dogs). And 2 agility parcours (without penalty) - in the first we were 1st and in the second we were 2nd (from 5 dogs).

29.10.2006 - Hloubětínský drak (Prague)

We did trial and trial jumping. In trial we were 5. from 14, with 5 penalty. In jumpingu we were 4. from 14.

20.-21.10.2006 - Grant prix Bohemia Alké (Prague)

On friday there was a trial, we were disc. On saturday in trial we were 8. from 12, in jumping 15. from 27 and in agility 21. from 27. We had a lots of penalty because Fanny was slow, the competition was in a hall.

14.10.2006 - Podzimní kvítek (Louny)

In jumping we were on 13. place of 23, with one mistake. In trial we were 4. with 10 penalty for a time. In agility we were disc., Fanny went to the tunnel instead a swing.

28.9.2006 - Hloubětínský drak (Prague)

We ran a trial and IAL. In trial(SA1) we were on from 17, with no penalty. In IAL we screw slalom and so we were 8. from 12, with 5 penalty.

9.9.2006 - Race in Chlumec

It was the first time we raced in SA1. In agility we were 18. from 28. In trial I was forced to disk Fanny, because I must help her. Jumping we were clear 13. from 28. Total agility+jumping we were on 12th place.

We train in Chlumec

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