Fanny Čičiko
Fanny Čičiko [čínský chocholatý pes]

Photos: Fanny

Fanny has a new haircut

We decided not to go to any show, so we cut Fannys coat and she is naked now :-) We hope she will be better in agility than with coat. Finally I like she more with this haircut, than coated:-)

Easter photos (8.4.2007)

Holiday in Italy


Video - 29.12.2005

Trying dogdancing
Next try
Fanny sprinting


(On this video is the first and the last coursing,too. We tryied it during the agility camp Lukova.)
Fannynka startuje
Fannynka dobíhá střapec

Fanny and agility

(Video is from the camp Lukova.)
One sequence
Next sequence
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